Childhood obesity (DBE5)

Yuri 2018年08月19日
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Discussion Board Essay 5 – Middle Childhood

What are the main causes of increased childhood obesity in the U.S? Provide examples.
What can we do, as society, to change that?
What would you recommend parents to do?

The Discussion Board Essay must be at least 300 words. Essays greater than 300 words is acceptable. Essays should be well organized with complete sentences and minimal grammar/spelling errors (use spell/grammar check in your word processing environment to catch these hiccups).

What I am looking for:

Minimum 300 words discussion board essay.
Well laid out essay with minimal grammar/spelling errors.
Respond to at least one of your peers.
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Shiina Yuri
To answer the question of why childhood obesity is increased in the U.S. We first have to take a look at the cause of it. There's a lot of things that can make a child becomes fat. Fast-foods / High calories foods for example, is one of the main causes of it. Childrens sometimes eat too many fast-foods because of the convenience of it. But fast-foods usually contain a unhealthy amount of oil & fat, and for the most case well exceeded the daily nutrition value recommend by scientists “1200~1800 calories per day.”(1) and by taking a look at the McDonald's nutrition calculator we noticed that a normal Big mac meal can have up to “1330 calories”(2). Let’s say If the child eats the same meal 2 times a day. They will be exceed the recommended value by 860 cal. That's a lot of extra fat there.
To prevent this from continue happening. As society, we can advise parents to reduce / stop letting their child eat fast foods all the time. Also, all fast food restaurants should gives a more diet option like a diet Pepsi / Sprite or maybe smaller size combos that can reduce the calories in one single meal.
On the parent side. Things can be different depending on how much your kids likes unhealthy foods. You can either stop them from eating it right away, and switching to some replacement foods that are more healthy. Like making a sandwich for them to eat at launch instead of going to a fast-food restaurant. Or, If your child just refused to eat the replacement food at all. You can try to decrease / limit the amount of unhealthy foods in a safer calories. While you were finding a way to let them accept the healthier foods.


"Childhood obeisity" by Shiina Yuri is licensed under CC BY 4.0

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